The George Washington Carver

Center for the Advancement of Science Education.


The vision of the George Washington Carver: Center for the Advancement of Science Education is to dismantle sources of inequity in STEM, transform STEM teaching and learning for the next generation of learners, families, and teachers using culturally relevant practices and the arts. It is to promote racial equity in STEM teaching and learning, addressing barriers to academic achievement, the STEM workforce and scientific advancement. 

Founder & Executive Director

--Theresa Y. Robinson PhD


The Carve Science Center’s culturally relevant STEM programming for children, families, and teachers has been planned, developed, and executed through three pillars.


Close the opportunity gap and increase academic achievement in STEM education for Black children.


Transform communities through advocacy for equity-oriented STEM education policy.


Dismantle barriers to racial equity in STEM education and careers for Black students.


The mission of The Carver Science Center is to educate, advocate for and serve the Black community by providing culturally relevant and sustaining, high-quality STEM education to students, families, and teachers. The CSC provides STEM education: a) Helping adolescents navigate beyond negative racial/ethnic stereotypes and bias to make positive, life and community-affirming choices. B) Empowering participants to use technology and engineering to be creative problem solvers. c) Encouraging the use of leadership and critical thinking skills to transform communities through advocacy.



Participation in community based STEM societal issues

Science and Math Literacy

Reduction in barriers to participation in the STEM workforce.

Our Team

Samantha Walston

Samantha Walston is a Reading Interventionist....

Sherard Jones

Sherard is the President of Strategic Futurist ....

Judith Kaminski

Judith Kaminski is a retired education administrator....

Dwanda Murphy

Dwanda Murphy is a compliance consultant where.....

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